Episode 11 - Develop a Pricing Plan

Home selling tips made simple. The ultimate goal for any seller is to have their house sell as fast as possible. Unfortunately, that isn't a reality for every seller. This episode talks about the importance of having a pricing plan when your home doesn't sell for as quickly as you would like. Implementing this strategy ahead of time will save you a lot of grief later in the process. 

Episode 10 - 14 Tips to Prepare Your Home to Sell

In this episode cover 14 tips that will help you get your home ready for a quick sale. We cover everything from curb appeal to lighting to pets. If you follow these tips, potential buyers will fall in love with your home and the offers will start rolling in before you know it.

Episode 9 - Getting a Fresh Perspective

In this episode, we talk about the importance of getting a fresh set of eyes and an objective opinion before you put your house on the market. You can experience great benefits by having an objective third party look through you home and make recommendations. These recommendations can lead to a much quicker sale.


Episode 8- 12 Options for Facing Foreclosure, Part 2

The thought of foreclosure can cause many people to panic. The good news is that foreclosure does not need to be part of your future. In this episode we continue our discussion on the options that are available to you that will help you avoid foreclose. Whether your goal is to keep your home or preserve your credit, you can succeed.

Episode 7-12 Options for Facing Foreclosure, Part 1

Nobody wants to get one of those dreaded foreclosure notices from their mortgage lender. The thought of losing your house can be very scary for many people. That notice from your lender doesn't have to mean that you will definitely lose your home. You have options.

In this episode we discuss the many options that you have when facing foreclosure. If you communicate with your lender in the right way, you can avoid foreclosure and keep your home.


Episode 4-Selling Houses Through Auctions

When most people think of auctions they think of homes that have been foreclosed on or homes that are way under market value. The truth is that selling a house through an auction is a strategy that anyone can employ. It is possible to get retail value and above by selling a house via an auction.

In this episode we explore all of the factors that are incorporated with selling through auctions. Is selling through an auction your ticket to unanticipated profits? Listen to this episode to find out.

Episode 3-Understanding Short Sales

What do you do when you want to sell your house, but you owe more on your mortgage than the house is worth? One solution you may want to consider is a short sale.

In this episode, we explain what a short sale is and discuss the factors that you need to consider in order to determine if a short sale is right for you.

Episode 2-The Pros and Cons of Selling vs Renting

Even though you have decided that it is time to leave your house, selling it is not your only option. Renting out your home is an option that you can explore. The number of renters in America continues to increase. You can definitely take advantage of this trend.

Most people seek to sell their house in an effort to earn an instant profit. However, if you decide to turn your house into a rental property, you could possibly create a stream of income that lasts for generations. 

Both renting and selling have their pros and cons. In this episode, we discuss the positive and negative aspects of renting a house vs selling it. Which option would you choose?

Episode 1- Making the Decision to Sell

Thinking about selling your house? Selling a home involves a number of factors. This episodes explores the reasons why someone would want to sell their home. Many people believe that selling their home is their only option. The truth is that selling is definitely not the only option. Discover the other options that are available to people who think they need to sell their homes.