11 Leaf Raking Hacks

Leaf Raking is a necessary evil for many homeowners. While multi-colored leaves look beautiful on trees, removing them from your lawn can be a hassle. These leaf raking tips will help alleviate some of your yard work woes. Sure, you could get a leaf blower, but here are some other options for you to explore.

Use a Tarp

Source:  Green Head

Source: Green Head

Lay a large tarp on the ground and rake (or blow) leaves on it. Once the leaves are on, fold up the tarp and transport the leaves to your desires location. You can drag the tarp or have someone help you carry it.

Avoid Wet Leaves

Wet leaves are harder to rake or move with a leaf blower. If you can help it, try to avoid leaf removal when leaves are wet. Moving wet leaves is definitely more work.

Mow Don't Rake

Source:  The Schmidts

Source: The Schmidts

This is not a good solution if you have a large amount leaves. However if your lawn is lightly covered with leaves, this can be a real time saver. Using a mulching lawnmower will cut the leaves into extremely small pieces. If you don't use a bag on your mover, the small pieces of leaves could be good for your lawn.

Use a Light Rake

If you do choose to solely rake your leaves, use a lightweight rake. It will be easier to maneuver and put a lot less strain on your arms and shoulders.

Wear Gloves

Source:  Sythe Supply

Source: Sythe Supply

Take care of your hands and reduce the chance of getting blisters.

Give Cardboard a Shot

Take a piece of sturdy cardboard. Drag the cardboard across the ground and sweep the leaves into a pile. This won't work on wet leaves, but it is definitely more effective than you would assume.

Leaf Scoops

Source:  Novelty Street

These are great for anyone that has to bag leaves. Take these giant claws and lift tons of leaves making it easier to drop them in a bag.

Buy a Yard Vacuum

Source:  Love BackYard

A leaf blower moves leaves around, but yard vacuums pick up the leaves and collects them in an easily removable bag. No need for scooping or shoveling leaves. You can just detach the bag and place the leaves wherever you want.

Get a Leaf Grabber

If you want to be able to grab large amounts of leaves, but a can't or don't want to have to bend down, then a leaf grabber may be a good option for you. The light weight and large blades can really ease the strain on your body.

Give Robo Handles a Try

By installing ergonomic handles on your rakes, you could completely revolutionize the way you pick up leaves.

Pick the Right Day

Source:  PC Wall Art

Source: PC Wall Art

Windy days are not your best friend. Try to avoid them. You definitely don't want the wind to blow around the piles of leaves that you worked so hard create.

Leaf clean up doesn't have to be an awful task. There are a number of different tools that can help. Decide which one is best for you and get that yard looking great.